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There's a lot more to being green than recycling - it's a way of life and a philosophy.

Recycling is a great starting point but changing your shopping habits, the car you drive, how you interact with other people and the earth under your feet is all part of the solution - it's going to take some time!

Our aim is to help everyone become a little greener from the inside out and the ground upwards...

Eco Shopping Online Superstores


Green Shopping onlineIn these days of increased awareness of climate change and the impact we have on our planet as we go about our daily lives, there is an increasing need and demand for people to live lower impact and natural lifestyles.


There is a wealth of environmentally friendly products available including recycled products, organic and green items and eco-friendly products. Catering for all our everyday needs - and the little extras we enjoy - to reduce our carbon footprints and improve sustainable living in a practical, functional and desirable way.


Online supermarkets such as Nigel's EcoStore and Ethical Superstore allow us access to these products in a fast and efficient manner. There is everything available to reduce your energy and power output, saving you money and energy in the home, from energy saving light bulbs to water saving showers and bath water recycling kits.


Ethical and environmentally friendly organic cotton and bamboo clothing encompasses the ethos of Fair Trade. Sustainable furniture through to environmentally friendly laundry and cleaning products reduce the amount of waste chemicals in landfills and waterways by 1000`s tonnes.


You can search for what you need by either item or brand.


The leading ethical brands are all there including Ecover, Fair Trade, Whole Earth to name a few. But local independent traders are sourced whenever possible, reducing carbon miles. Some online supermarkets even promise to offset their carbon footprints.

Packaging is kept to a minimum whenever possible and is made from eco friendly materials.


So whatever you are looking for you can find an eco friendly product to help the planet and improve your quality of life too.