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Energy Saving Toys


Energy saving toys

Help your children understand the importance of saving energy using wind-up or solar powered toys instead of battery operated ones. Take at look at what Nigel’s Ecostore has to offer.


The wooden helicopter is available in four bright colours, when the sun shines the blades rotate and when in the shade, they stop. Suitable from 3 years.

If you want to paint the helicopter yourself then the wooden helicopter kit is the one to choose. There's also the metal helicopter kit that is easy to assemble. Suitable for age 8 plus.


Not sure whether he wants a helicopter or an aeroplane? Then choose the Aircraft construction kit which can be built into either.


The solar racing car comes in kit form. Made from pre-cut wood pieces it has a gear box, and battery and when the sun shines on its solar panel, the car goes. Suitable for 8 years plus with adult help. The solar Mini Robot car also comes in kit form and has the solar panel.


To make the kids keep a cool head in the summer take a look at the Solar Cool cap. The hotter the sun gets, the fastest the attached fan turns due to the solar panel and to really help children understand about solar power consider the Go Solar Experiment Kit.


With over 30 fun and exciting activities there is sure to be something for every inquisitive young mind the Ethical superstore have a selection of toys from Ecotronic which bring the ultimate eco friendly techno fun. Even though the toys have lights and sound an internal dynamo powers them so landfill site filling batteries needed. All toys come in biodegradable “Geopacks” made entirely from recycled paper.


Take a look at Mr Robot Head. He will help develop hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. For music lovers there is the Eco Radio and for budding singers the Eco Mic. For the little boy that dreams of going to the moon the wind-up eco Rocket will fuel his imagination.


For the young child that has just mastered the art of walking the eco duck in blue or pink will amuse then for hours with lights and sounds. Simply wind it up.


Nigel’s Ecostore features the wind up torch in the shape of a penguin and the vampire bat torch that needs a squeeze to activate the internal dynamo to light it up.


For the young girl who likes music have a look at the wind up pink Hearts Radio and for boys, the wind up Football eco radio in red or blue.


Ecotopia have an excellent range of solar powered toys including a solar powered red helicopter, the solar powered Lunar car kit and the solar powered Tractor kit which are all suitable for 8 years plus.


Horizon Fuel Cell Technology introduce clean hydrogen fuel cell power. Take a look at their racer car, the smart car and the fuel cell car science kit that demonstrates how hydrogen fuel could be used fro real cars in the future.


Finally, with dimensions of only 33x 22x11mm, Ecotopia have the worlds smallest solar power car.