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Tai Chi - Increase Your Spiritual Awareness


Tai Chi In the current era, with the very busy life and with tough schedule, almost everyone does not have enough time for spiritual practice, even though they know the advantages of it. Tai Chi as a martial arts practice is a complete meditation and spiritual practice for all, without any differentiation of religion or gender.


The main theme of the spiritual practice is that it provides a method of self discovery that brings you into a realization of the greater whole. Tai Chi polishes the senses of your body unrivaled by the most forms of meditation. In this Practice, all parts of the body involves, because it checks breath, movement, verticality and shifting the weight.


This develops an awareness that can’t be arrived at through sitting practice. As one get to know everything about his/her body, he/she can explore the surroundings and can build a direct relation with nature. With this daily contact, one can develop a long-lasting relationship with nature. One can feel, as he/she is moving like a tree, bird, etc. in his surroundings.


The movements in Tai Chi should always be as natural as that of a cat crawling through the grass or like a bird of prey soaring overhead. Tai Chi develops the ability to see the microcosm of one’s body function as reflection of the macrocosm of the universe. This deep connection with the nature also occurs as one develops in his chi gung practice in Tai Chi.

When the chi in the body starts to resonate with the chi of heaven and earth, one will have an experience of closeness to nature that is quite reflective. Being at one with nature is a familiar theme among spiritual disciplines throughout the world: Taoism, Paganism, shamanism and Christianity.


Tai Chi relaxes the mind, which has far reaching effects for the mind and body. If the mind is calm, then the body feels relaxed. When the body is relaxed and free, then life's challenges are not seen as damaging to the mind. This calmness of mind is to be grown in your practice at all times, because it will help you deal with people in a positive way that are harsh with you or want to spoil you.


Getting angry with those who are angry with you never helps the state of affairs. It usually makes it shoddier. Instead, try to build patience, because the stronger person knows when to walk away from a clash. It is not for the reason that person is the weaker of the two, but owing to the knowledge of the damage that can occur to both parties.